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I enjoyed the game, although i thought some things could have been better. i died at the beginning because when i decided to hot wire a car the character decided to break into it. i would have liked it better if i had had the choice to break it or not, because that was obviously an extremely vital decision to be made.

I also didn't like the voice, it felt a little over-dramatized.

on the other side, though, the story was great. i really enjoyed taking that journey, and the writing was good, too. i could feel the Adrenalin rush that i'm sure the character would have been experiencing at certain points.

the only truly disappointing part of this game was the length. i wish it had lasted longer, although i'm sure you put a lot of time into it.

thank you for making and sharing this game with us. i hope to see more like it.

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i can't play it, it's stuck at the controls screen and won't let me click the play or main menu buttons...

can someone help?

i liked it.

i agree with everyone that there should be sides that you cannot change on some of them, because near the end all i did was change all the sides to flat and won with -- excuse the phrase -- over 9,000 points, no pun intended. also, there is a quick drop function, so you should all stop complaining. press the F button. unless the game has been updated between now and when those people were complaining.

anyways, the F button is quick drop.

back to the point though, it was a good game, but could use a few fixes. good luck with other games ;)

great game

pretty difficult, but i'm gunna go curl up and sleep. then i will do level 25 to-marrow!


you get a 10. congrats! (did i mislead you with the angry-ness?) anyways, it's a great game. keep it up.

I beat it.

Without using any hints except the one I earned from clicking the balls. So Nikishma, shut the fuck up. You aren't supposed to know what to do, your supposed to figure it out. Don't be a Dumb-Ass. Very nice game, Knugen. Are you making a second one? If you are, i'm looking forward to it.


its pretty good but i hate waiting for all the others to finish. as others have said, a combat speed up button would be nice. and will we be able to change the race and name in the finalized version? that would make this game a whole lot better!
also, DaSaint is a douche and has permission to blow me too.

good, but

there were a few glitches.

first, you can get inside some blocks. if you press k to climb a block and another lands on top of it while you are climbing, you will go on top of the first one and inside the second. also, i don't know why, but when i was standing and trying to move, i got sucked into a block and died.


it got a few aspects correct....what about holiday and pastover? or ramendan?

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very nice

it was a very interesting scale and was pretty amazing, the only thing is the song, it was also in a game called 'SPORE' from maxis. other then that it was good

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